Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab?
Get Well on The Gold Coast

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  • No waiting list – urgent assistance available
  • Your own private room by the ocean
  • Experienced and credentialed staff
  • Limited to four clients to ensure you receive personalised care
  • A program like no other

You don’t have to leave the country to receive treatment in paradise.

We are located right on the beach, which  offers you a place far away from the pressures of your everyday life.  Where you can de-stress, embrace health, recharge your batteries and learn to live a satisfying life free from alcohol and drug use.


We offer people a calm environment, a comfortable setting, and access to highly skilled staff; we have found that people feel more in control and at ease in a small private treatment setting. We admit only four people at a time.



As soon as you enter our program, you will see our facilities are second to none.  Luxury accommodation with your own en suite, couch, desk and table.  You can relax by the sea in absolute comfort.  What a way to begin a happier life.


Take a deep breath, walk on the beach and participate in our therapy program; we have everything you need.

“I have always felt relaxed by the sea and Refocus offers effective treatment and the chance to live by the beach, sit on a balcony and breathe in the sea air. It worked for me and I know it’s workedfor others.” Bonnie Heffey


To sit down with our knowledgeable staff to determine if this program is right for you or your loved one, simply call us on Call: (07) 5641 1141 Now to help begin a new life today. Alternatively you can drop us a line below and we’ll give you a call at a suitable time.